A Masters student's recipe for a healthy work-life balance

21 May 2023

MSc Finance student Queen Latifa Lampo shares her favourite spots and activities across campus to study, socialise and recharge.

Being a Masters student at WBS is an amazing experience that can reap life-changing rewards upon graduation. The road to get there though can feel long and challenging at times, and with all of your hard work it can be tempting to neglect the most important part of your journey – you.

Remember that you’re not alone, we all struggle with work-life balance from time to time, but it’s important to remember to look after yourself, both physically and mentally. Below are my personal recommendations for achieving this, check them out if you get chance!

Try new study spaces

When it comes to finding the perfect study spot, I have a few go-to places. I love meeting friends in the 24/7 Postgraduate Learning Space in the WBS building (room 1.002), or enjoying some focused solo study in the Postgrad Hub.  

A change of scenery can work wonders. I like to grab a coffee and catch up on some work on our campus cafes like Pret a Manger, Café Nero or the WBS Café.

Grab a bite to eat

That leads me nicely onto another important part of student life – where to eat! A healthy, balanced diet is a sure-fire way to feel good, in both body and mind. Rootes grocery store offers a wide range of foods and ingredients to cook up a storm and stick to your healthy diet.

But we all deserve to treat ourselves once in a while. The Warwick campus offers a diverse range of food and drink options, there’s something for everyone to reward our hard work. A particular favourite is the world food market that takes place on the central piazza each Wednesday, with a host of food trucks and stalls – try something new and treat your tastebuds!

Don’t forget to have fun

As a WBS Masters student, chances are your schedule will be pretty busy. To be in the right frame of mind and make the most of your time here though, it’s crucial to block out time to socialise and have fun.

I like to meet friends for a drink at the Varsity pub, which is particularly nice to sit in the external area in the summer months. The ambiance is lively, music is great and their spicy chicken wings are delicious.

Another great option is the large decking and seating area situated outside the Lakeside accommodation area. Again perfect when the sun’s out, the decking area looks out onto the beautiful lake and serves as a huge space for relaxing, chatting and taking in the views - there’s even a barbecue area! The Warwick Arts Centre cinema is also worth visiting with friends or for some much-needed ‘you’ time.

However you unwind during your time at WBS, be kind to yourself and enjoy it!

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