How my MSc helped me take the next step in my career

30 March 2023

Beatrice Matheka highlights how the MSc in Global Central Banking and Financial Regulation has broadened her knowledge and skills leading to a new role in a different jurisdiction.

Why I chose to study the MSc

I knew about the MSc in Global Central Banking and Financial Regulation through my former employer, the Central Bank of Kenya. It was in early 2020 at the outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic. At this point, I had worked within the Central Bank for about three and half years and prior to that with a Big Four accounting firm for three years, and as such, I did not know the direction my career was taking, but for sure I had a passion on regulation matters.

After reviewing the programme content, I was convinced the course would in the long run be a life-changing one in terms of my career. With experience in auditing and supervision in the financial sector, I sought to mainly broaden and deepen my knowledge and skills on financial regulation, supervision, monetary policy, and how different central banks perform their mandates. I applied and was offered a bursary by Warwick Business School in collaboration with the Bank of England to pursue the course.

What I have enjoyed about the programme

The online delivery of the modules has been very effective - there’s a great deal of flexibility in completing each module. Module content, reference materials and updates were always provided on time and in an orderly way. Through this, I was able to plan my study time while balancing my duties at work and home.

The delivery of the modules was done by highly qualified academics coupled by quality reference materials and the integration of current and emerging matters/cases into the lessons and life experiences from experts who work in central banking and financial sector bodies globally.

How will pursuing the MSc assist in my future career?

Having completed the required modules and now undertaking the dissertation, I can confidently say that it was worth while pursuing the MSc. I have broadened my knowledge in inter alia financial regulation, supervision, and central banking. The knowledge and skills gained gave me the confidence to apply my financial regulation outside my jurisdiction. Having been successful in securing a new role, the programme has therefore shaped the direction of my financial regulation career in a big way.

Would I recommend the programme?

I would and continue to recommend the course to anyone who is in the financial sector, financial regulation, and central banking as the value one gains from studying it is immeasurable. The online delivery is seamless and suitable for professionals with busy schedules.