One year on from my MSc Business with Consulting course

08 December 2021

MSc Business with Consulting alum, Oliver, shares his thoughts on his course experience at WBS one year on.

I was born in Germany and had the privilege of spending most of my life growing up in major financial cities, such as Luxembourg, London, and Frankfurt. Very early on I knew that I wanted to pursue a career in a business environment, and internships in consulting and a Bachelor in European Business followed. Since I enjoyed studying in the UK, I decided to apply for a masters and continue my studies within the specialised industry of consulting. Being an avid traveller, I enjoy meeting new people and experiencing different cultures and foods.

Why did you decide to study at WBS?

I was recommended WBS by a friend and after researching the different MSc courses, I was drawn to the MSc Business with Consulting course. It’s such a unique course and it fit well with the career path I was interested in pursuing.

I attended various events hosted by WBS to learn more about the School and the campus and really appreciated the opportunity to learn more about life at Warwick. And there is a lot to discover. Warwick has a great selection of different societies and sporting facilities. I also liked the idea of being on campus and the Warwick campus is beautiful, especially Lakeside, where I ended up having my flat. The campus also fits in well with the surrounding areas.

Additionally, the city of Coventry is close by and well connected to London. The excellent reputation and international recognition of WBS were a great addition and therefore I decided to apply. 

Tell us about your current company and role

I am currently working as an Associate Business Consultant at msg Systems AG, an international group of companies, which is focused on adding value in the digitised world by providing IT and industry solutions. The company is represented in 28 countries worldwide, and I’m based in Frankfurt, Germany. My specific area of work is focused on insurance advisory and SAP consulting.

Due to the project-based nature of my job, I get to experience different projects and roles with a variety of clients. My job has involved leading a second level support team and transforming the service solutions. Furthermore, within my current role as release manager, I am responsible for planning release cycles and coordinating the implementation of new product versions. Working closely alongside the client is essential in ensuring that the most efficient and satisfactory solutions are found and implemented.

How did MSc Business with Consulting help you prepare for your role?

When I applied for the course, the strong practical aspect of the course intrigued me, and, combined with the theoretical background, it provided a strong foundation for my current role. The live client project gave valuable insights in dealing with clients in a project-based environment. The support of the teaching staff enabled outside the box thinking and pushed to strive further and deliver the best possible results.

Communication is a major aspect of my daily life and it was a key part of my studies at Warwick. Teambuilding exercises and working together towards tight deadlines with a diverse team was a great experience to take with me to my current role. I can apply the resources provided by WBS and adapt to new and changing situations to provide the best possible work within the projects and the company I work at.

What do you enjoy most about your role?

The best part of my job is getting to work and collaborate with a variety of people throughout the different projects. Each day is different and being able to learn from the people around me increases my skillset and enables me to pass it on to others. Having the chance to take responsibility and influence decision-making processes is rewarding and motivating.

What were the key things you took away from your course? How have they helped you in your career so far?

The most influential and beneficial aspect of the course was the consulting projects we conducted during the first two terms. They involved real clients and we got to experience the full experience of a live project. The experiences of those projects prepared me for my first project after graduating and I frequently look back and incorporate these experiences in my work.

Also, the international and diverse backgrounds of my course were a great way to work alongside different cultures and experience a global business setting. This experience has proven beneficial when dealing with international clients and adapting the project and communication to fit the client's needs.

Additionally, I got the opportunity to work as an ambassador during my time at Warwick, representing my course and WBS at various events. I personally benefitted from these events when I was applying and being able to pass this on to the next year was a great addition to the variety of opportunities at WBS.

How did things change for you on completing your course?

Applying during a global pandemic did not make finding a job any easier, however, having to stand out within many applicants, my masters and time at WBS proved to be an advantage. The group projects and practical tasks of the courses, as well as the high reputation of WBS were key factors during my interviews and contributed to my success in securing a job.

The various networking events held at WBS enabled great insights into the industry I was preparing to enter and strengthened my profile. Additionally, the WBS CareersPlus team provided valuable resources and support during and after my time at WBS. Their expertise and industry knowledge are an advantage.

What would you say to someone thinking of applying for your course at WBS?

I would highly recommend applying to pursue an MSc at WBS. The MSc Business with Consulting is a unique course, which combines theoretical and practical aspects in a comprehensive and sustainable way. Everyone at Warwick has been brilliant and I have many memories to look back upon. Since there are a wide variety of societies, activities and opportunities on and around campus, there is something for everyone to try and become a part of. The campus is great with the new sports hub, plenty of communal spaces and the surrounding scenery. I could go on and on, but in short, I enjoyed my time at WBS and would recommend anyone who is thinking about going to Warwick to apply and experience it for themselves.

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