Studying at WBS with a Chevening Scholarship

15 September 2020

MSc Management student Oladipo Onabanjo shares his experiences of studying at Warwick Business as the recipient of a Chevening Scholarship.

What is your background and which MSc have you been studying for?

My name is Oladipo Onabanjo, I finished with first-class honours in psychology from an indigenous university in Nigeria where I was among the top 1% of my class. After my studies, I pursued a career in finance where I worked as a lead financial analyst for the most profitable commercial bank in Nigeria for a period of 5 years.

I have been studying the MSc Management at Warwick Business School. I applied for an MSc in Management primarily because of my strong passion for business management. The MSc Management course offers a multidisciplinary approach where I learn about the different contemporary challenges confronted by businesses and how these challenges can be tackled with the application of management theories.

What is a Chevening Scholarship and why did you apply?

A Chevening Scholarship is the Foreign and Commonwealth Office fully funded scholarship scheme, which caters for international students from over 160 countries to pursue a master’s degree of choice at any UK university. The criterion for obtaining a Chevening Scholarship is primarily focused on identifying young leaders who have significantly contributed to the positive development of their communities in both professional and personal capacities.

In 2017, I had a friend from high school who obtained a Chevening Scholarship, which was a big motivation and inspiration to me. As a result, I applied for a Chevening Scholarship in October 2018. In March 2019, I got shortlisted for an interview to discuss with officials of the British High Commission in my country, Nigeria. In July 2019, my success mail came through which was an amazing month to remember.

How did the Chevening Scholarship help you?

The Chevening Scholarship catered for all my expenses to study at the prestigious Warwick Business School. The scholarship covered my costs of visa application, flight tickets, tuition, accommodation, medical insurance and other miscellaneous expenses. As a result of this amazing scholarship, I did not have the obligation to work whilst studying which provided me with the wonderful opportunity to adequately focus on the rigorous demands of my course.

Tell us more about the community of Chevening scholars

There is a strong Chevening community in the UK which has been fundamental in fostering my successful integration into the UK culture.  As a Chevening scholar, I have been offered a variety of opportunities to attend events throughout the academic year, which has facilitated my networking abilities. Also, through the Chevening community, I established life-long relationships with people from different cultures and backgrounds which would never have been possible if I was not part of the community.

How has your MSc at WBS helped your future career prospects?

My MSc programme at WBS has immensely contributed to my professional expertise. I am well equipped with the relevant knowledge and skills required to succeed as a professional in today’s competitive business landscape. Furthermore, I have seen a significant increase in my applications for jobs going beyond the initial application stage. Lastly, as a result of my MSc at WBS, I have been able to secure an attractive job to work as a corporate finance associate for a start-up agricultural firm in Nigeria.

Applicants to both our MSc and Full-time MBA programmes are able to apply for a Chevening Scholarship. Further information on the Chevening Scholarship can be found here.