The top six things I wish I knew before starting university

18 May 2020

From making the most of the support available to you on campus to finding the best society or sports club to get involved with, our undergraduate student ambassador Laiba shares her top tips on how to prepare for university life.

Starting university for the first time is another exciting chapter in your journey, and as a second year BSc Management student I would like to share a few of my top tips about making the most of university life.

  • There is support available for students and you must remember everyone is in the same situation as you are when you first arrive.

When you first arrive on campus you may feel slightly uneasy in your new surroundings, and this is completely normal. As you start to make new friends and meet new people these feelings will fade. There is also lots of pastoral support available to students, the Wellbeing Team based on campus can support you in many different ways. Each WBS student is also allocated a personal tutor who can also support you so it is a good idea to develop a good working relationship with them as soon as term begins.

  • Your first year counts

Your first term at WBS may be somewhat overwhelming but it is important that you take your first year seriously. Make sure you attend every lecture and seminar because if you fall behind it’s not fun trying to catch up. Your first year is a great opportunity to get used to studying in a different way and learning how to study independently, so take this time to practice what works best for you so that you are better prepared for your next year of study. If you are also planning to do a placement year or year abroad during your third year, your first year grades will be taken into consideration so make sure that you make your first year count.WBS undergraduate study space kitchen

  • It’s better to find your ideal study spot early on

As a WBS student, you are lucky enough to have access to one of the most modern buildings on campus, with lots of available space for you to focus on your studies. The undergraduate learning space on the ground floor of the WBS building is a great space for you to revise and review your work as is a dedicated space for WBS undergraduate students only. There is also a dedicated undergraduate IT suite in the WBS building as well, which I find really useful. Find those locations within the first few weeks of being on campus as they can be really useful.

  • You will spend a lot of time referencing

As a WBS student you will have to learn how to reference and, more importantly, remember to reference as you do your research (trust me, it’s a lot easier than waiting until the end!). Before you start at WBS it is a good idea to learn how to reference and what type of referencing the business school uses. Once you arrive on campus you will also have the opportunity to attend academic writing workshops where you can learn more about referencing.

  • Industry networking is important and at WBS you will get the opportunity to meet a range of employers

Employment fairBefore joining WBS I didn’t realise the importance of networking, however, the business world relies heavily on networking and at WBS you couldn’t be in a better position to build those connections. It is important to take advantage of the many employer events that the CareersPlus team at WBS organise, as these type of events provide you with the perfect opportunity to meet employers and find out first-hand what type of candidates they are looking for.

  • Societies and sports clubs consist of students at all ability levels, not everyone will be an expert, so now is the time to try something new and find what suits you best

Every prospective student has probably been told how important it is to get involved in sports clubs and societies which are a huge part of student life. However, the problem is that many students don’t know which societies to join. My best advice for prospective students is to make sure you attend the societies fair during Welcome Week. The societies fair is held in the Sports and Wellness Hub on campus and allows you to meet society members, ask any questions you may have and register your interest in the societies or sports club that appeal most to you. I would also recommend that you attend the free taster sessions that are offered during the first few weeks of term one so you can see what sparks your interest and what may be most interesting for you. Another great benefit to joining a sport club or society is that you will meet new people with similar interests to you.

I hope you find these tips useful and that they help you prepare for when you start your university adventure!  

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