Simone Griesser

Current doctoral researcher

In 2014 I started the Doctoral Programme at WBS with a background in tourism and marketing. I am interested in understanding how consumers think about products and service-based experiences. The taught programme in the first year enabled me to dive deeper into topics to build a solid foundation for my research. The discussions I have with my peers and supervisors represented some of the most stimulating intellectual debates I have ever had on research methodology. WBS’ worldwide reputation and the high impact of researches developed by scholars at Warwick were the reasons why I decided to enrol in this doctoral programme.

I live off-campus but enjoy the office space WBS provides as it enables me to work effectively and at the same time offers networking opportunities.

Swati Kanoria

Doctoral researcher (2013 - 2018)

Having already done a Masters in Finance and Economics at WBS, I was very confident about the high quality of teaching and research that prevailed at the school. Hence, post my masters, a PhD in Finance here was an obvious choice. From day one until now (which is three years into research), the doctoral programme has surpassed all of my expectations. The core training in the first year was very useful in strengthening my quantitative and research skills, and the programme has given me several opportunities to attend conferences abroad and interact with academics from other universities.

I find the research environment at WBS very inspiring, where collaboration with supervisors and attending research seminars form an integral part of our daily activities. Also, the community of doctoral students here is very diverse and close-knit, and is buzzing with coffees and dinners, which makes doing research even more fun.

David Felstead

Current doctoral researcher

I was excited to join the WBS Doctoral Programme. The range of courses offered, whilst undertaking my PhD at WBS, were helpful in developing my research skills and scientific knowledge. My research has benefited greatly by the clarity and depth of world-class instruction provided by WBS. In addition, the wide array of research interests at WBS means that there is always someone to offer academic help and support to me and my work.

Year after year, WBS continues to climb in the rankings. And being at WBS, it is easy to see why.

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