Digital Innovation and Entrepreneurship

Digital Innovation and Entrepreneurship

Whatever your sector or industry, no organisation can ignore the noise and opportunities that digital innovation brings. In a world where we expect to order our shopping at the touch of a button, adjust our thermostats via our smartphones, and demand more and more from online services, companies need to be on top of their game to find new and keep existing customers. 

Corporate entrepreneurship isn't just a fancy buzz term, it's a mindset that can help your organisation think strategically and keep pace with the change as flexibly as the trendiest new start-up.

Digitalisation doesn't have to be daunting. Join one of our courses below and turn uncertainty into opportunity. 

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Platform Strategy

Starting 17 September 2024

There is a building interest in platforms and their strategic implications for organisations, and how they are shaping the world we live in. This module will provide you with a broad perspective on platform strategy and highlight its relevance for contemporary organisations. 

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Entrepreneurship and Innovation

Starting 12 November 2024

Entrepreneurship and innovation within your organisation helps to nurture the knowledge and creativity that can lead to product, process, service, or organisational change. In this module, you will develop the ability of your organisation to generate and pursue entrepreneurial opportunities, to maintain relevance. 

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Business Analytics for Executives

Starting 19 November 2024

Data has become one of the most important resources to an organisation. Discover how you can unlock the power of data within your organisation, to improve your decision-making and develop insightful managerial advice.

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Enhancing Customer Centricity and the Customer Voice

Starting 3 December 2024

Place the customer at the heart of your organisation to ensure the best customer experience. Learn to think like your customers, and know who they are and who they will become, to give your organisation a competitive edge.

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Business Impacts of Artificial Intelligence

Starting 4 February 2025

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is no longer just a buzzword. In today's rapidly evolving business landscape, AI has become the cornerstone of business environments but how do we navigate the social and ethical risks?


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Leading Digital Transformation

Starting 8 April 2025

Digitalisation is happening everywhere, every company and organisation is now digital. In this module, you will focus on what is digital transformation, how has it evolved and what it means in the current context of the world.

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The Warwick Executive Diploma in Strategy & Innovation

Discover how to develop strategic approaches to company direction and harness entrepreneurial frameworks in practice with our Executive Diploma in Strategy & Innovation. Study all of our Strategy & Innovation modules to achieve your Executive Diploma. 

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The Warwick Executive Diploma in Digital Leadership

Are you responsible for developing a successful strategic roadmap for your organisation, and leading and seizing opportunities in a digital age? Study all of our Digital Leadership Postgraduate Awards and achieve your Executive Diploma in Digital Leadership.

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We have a depth of expertise and experience working with global organisations, to develop tailored executive learning solutions that deliver real business impact.

With our custom partnerships we can create bespoke support for your business using our existing programmes to configure specifically for your organisation, or co-design an entirely customised solution for your unique development objectives.

We will closely collaborate with you to co-create and deliver a programme that:

  • Supports your organisational objectives with lasting impact
  • Focuses on delivering identifiable value by taking your workforce to the next level
  • Embeds different thinking and new ways of working that aligns with your organisation’s culture, values and objectives.

Explore how our custom partnerships could benefit you and your business.

If there is a course or theme in our portfolio that you think could work for your team, and you'd like to discuss how to tailor it more to your company's needs, contact the team at and we will arrange a consultation call to discuss.

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Digital Innovation and Entrepreneurship
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