The first ever International Behavioural Science Networking Event is scheduled to take place at WBS London at The Shard.

Experts and students in the field will be able to mingle and share knowledge and information at Warwick Business School’s new location on the 17th floor at the distinctive London landmark on February 23.

The event has been organised by Rafael Batista, an MSc Behavioural & Economic Science student, alongside Sebastiano Massaro, Assistant Professor in the Behavioural Science Group, and Edward Gardiner, Behavioural Design Lead, both from Warwick Business School.

Mr Batista believes the event offers a great chance for people with similar academic interests to finally get together and share ideas on behavioural science.

He said: “As a behavioural science student I’m learning the literature and practicing the skills to be successful in the field, but until now there hasn’t been a central place to connect with students from other universities and professionals in the industry with similar interests. That is now finally possible thanks to the International Behavioural Science Networking Event.

“We are proud to be hosting the first student-organised event of this kind. Representatives from more than 25 organisations from around the world, students from Warwick, LSE, and UCL, and a fantastic location at WBS London  – Warwick’s Behavioural Economics Student Team is excited to be hosting this event.”

Some of the best behavioural science firms and organisations in the world will be represented at the event including the UK Government's Behavioural Insights Team, Barclays Behavioural Finance Department, the Behavioural Architects, Ideas42 and the BVA Nudge Unit.

Other groups represented at the event include consumer champion Which?, the Design Council, American Express and more.

Mr Batista added: "London makes the perfect backdrop to the event as it is the behavioural science capital of the world. It’s one of the reasons I chose to study in the UK.

“Warwick, in particular, has some of the brightest minds from various disciplines and departments under this umbrella now recognised as the Behavioural Science Global Research Priority, and people will be able to meet representatives of the group, and many others at this fantastic event.”

Dr Massaro added: "The University of Warwick is one of the leading hubs for behavioral science research in Europe. This is such an innovative area of research and study that the University holds a dedicated Global Research Priority in Behavioral Science, co-lead by WBS and the Department of Psychology. 

"This priority does not just work as a platform to aggregate the research excellence in place at the University: it also entails a number of vibrant initiatives that have strong impact on society. Needless to say this programme offers our students a fuller experience and prepares them to face the requests of a job-market increasingly keen in behavioural science experts."

The event starts at 6pm. For more information contact Mr Batista at

The hashtag for the event is #IBSNE2015. Follow the Behavioural Science Global Research Priority on Twitter at @GRPbsci