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26 November 2021

Join host Audrey Dias as she explores the biggest challenges in today's business world.

The Core Insights editorial team bring the best of academic research and industry together in each episode.

From the challenges of reaching net zero to the future of the office, we bring you up to date with the latest research and cutting edge insights from the CEOs and executives of the world's leading companies.

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Episode One

Building back greener in the post-COVID world

Core Insights host Audrey Dias asks Michael Bradshaw, Professor of Global Energy, and Joan MacNaughton, Trustee of The Climate Group and an Executive Chair at the World Energy Council, if the world is building back greener as it recovers from the pandemic.

Many governments have laid out plans to reach net zero by 2050 following the pandemic, but is this really happening or is it, as Greta Thunberg says, "all blah, blah, blah..."?

For more on this topic read Professor Bradshaw's article Will there be a green recovery from the pandemic?





Episode Two

How do green entrepreneurs stick to their values and build their business? 

Join host Audrey Dias as she explores the tricky conundrum that often hits social enterprises and green start-ups as they seek to grow their business: should they compromise their ideals?
Deniz Ucbasaran, Professor of Entrepreneurship, has researched this area and details her findings and a process that green entrepreneurs and social enterprises can go through to find the right balance.

She is joined by Hugh Thomas, Co-Founder and CEO of Ugly Drinks, whose start-up is taking on the fizzy drinks giants with a healthy alternative.

Find out more by read Professor Ucbasaran's article The authentic founder - how to stay true to your values.





Episode three

Can behavioural science help us be better with our money?

Host Audrey Dias talks with Neil Stewart, Professor of Behavioural Science and Rafael Batista, former Head of Behavioural Research at Commonwealth Bank, about how the finance industry is using nudges to help customers with their money.

Professor Stewart has done pioneering work on credit cards and is forcing the industry to think again about how it persuades customers to pay off their debt. While Rafael used behavioural science nudges to help Commonwealth Bank build a better relationship with their customers.

Read more on the subject with these articles from Professor Stewart on Is your credit card statement nudging you into more debt? and Why using direct debits may add to your credit card bill. And you can find out more about Rafael's journey with behavioural science in this feature Change Maker: Rafael Batista nudging for good in banking.





Episode four

What is the future of the office?

With the threat of COVID-19 continuing to affect our lives, working remotely or hybrid working seems to be a fact of life for many office-based workers.

So what does this mean for the future of the office? Do organisations really need one?

Maja Korica, Reader in Management and Organisation, and Toby Benzecry, founder and CEO of Workplace Futures Group, discuss the future of the office in a post-pandemic world with Core Insights host Audrey Dias.

Dr Korica is researching the future of work, while Toby's company advises organisations on how an office can boost motivation and productivity. Read more from Toby on Does office design affect a firm's performance?





Episode five

How is the post-Covid economic recovery going?

The pandemic saw the world economy effectively put on hold as lockdowns across the globe saw all but essential work frozen.

Core Insights host Audrey Dias talks to Ana Galvao, Professor of Economic Modelling and Forecasting, and Paul Fisher, Ex-Bank of England Economist and Honorary Professor at Warwick Business School, to find out how the recovery is going and when the global economy will return to pre-pandemic levels.

Read more from Professor Galvao on Post-COVID: When will the UK economy recover?



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