The best places to socialise on campus

Undergraduate ambassador Chloe reviews the best places to socialise on campus.

The start of a new term means that there are more opportunities to meet new people. If you are struggling to find a place to hang out with your peers within the university community, keep scrolling down because this guide would be helpful for you. I am going to introduce the five best places to socialise on campus.

  1. The Piazza

Just as the name implies, Piazza is located at the centre of campus and is a popular lunch spot for students. Every Wednesday during term time, there is a food market at the Piazza where you can find a variety of street food, ranging from stone-baked pizzas, and burgers, to Asian fried noodles and homemade desserts. Here you can try different types of gastronomic delicacies while catching up with your friends during the day. Moreover, students gather around the big screen on the Piazza for shows, movies, and special events. For example, last term, the Piazza was packed with hundreds of students watching the Eurovision Song Contest finale. This is where you can enjoy the sun, mingle, and have fun with your peers.

  1. The Students’ Union Building

The SU Building is where students gather most often for social events, circling, coffee chats, and more. You can find lots of restaurants, cafes, bars, and muti-function rooms at the Union. For instance, Curiositea, the coffee shop serving special beverages and cakes, is the most suitable spot for a coffee date. The pub restaurant, Dirty Duck, holds regular events like quiz nights, karaoke, and live band performances. Not to mention the Terrace Bar located on the top floor of the SU Building, which allows students to socialise and have a few drinks in the evening. Besides, there are pool tables inside the SU Building where you can play pool games with your friends. It is where you can feel a sense of community and have an authentic taste of what university life is like.

  1. On-campus Accommodation

If you are living on campus, there is no doubt that your accommodation will be the first place where you meet and get acquainted with new people. You will be most likely to spend time with your flatmates in the kitchen and common area. There are many activities you can do together: game nights, birthday parties, and baking sessions to name but a few. It is fun cooking with your flatmates coming from all over the world and learning their cultures at the same time. You can also easily meet and spark a conversation with new people because there are always students who are keen on making friends in your accommodation block.

  1. Cryfield Hill

Some may have already discovered this hidden gem, which sits between Cryfield Townhouses and Heronbank. If you have not, Cryfield Hill is one of my favourite spots on campus. Connecting two on-campus accommodations, this open field is a great place for social activities among students, e.g., sports games, picnics, and barbecues. If you are lucky enough, you can even capture picturesque sunsets!

  1. Tocil Wood and Nature Reserve

Locating behind Rootes Hall of Residence, Tocil Wood is worth visiting especially for nature lovers. One thing I particularly enjoy studying at Warwick is that it is a beautiful campus surrounded by greenery and natural habitats of small animals. In spring, you can spot a gorgeous field of bluebells with squirrels and baby geese. Tocil Wood is the perfect place for relaxing walks and chill talks. During the exam season last year, I loved walking around the woodland for short study breaks, which reduced my stress and brought calmness to me. I would highly recommend bringing along your friends and enjoying the nice scenery.

Hopefully, this can provide some ideas if you are wondering where to socialise on campus. Being at a campus university like Warwick is very convenient because all the above spots are within walking distance. So, after a long day of lectures and seminars, do not forget to spend time with friends to create memories and enrich your campus experience.

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