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Using behavioural science and design to solve problems together

Developed in the Behavioural Science group at Warwick Business School, Nudgeathon aims to produce solutions to major problems within your organisation by drawing on insights and methods from behavioural science, as well as from psychology, economics, design and the performing arts.

A powerful tool to untangle complex problems and develop new ideas, Nudgeathon uses the power of ‘crowdsourcing’ to solve problems. From nudging consumer behaviour in financial projects for the Australian Treasury, to strengthening the local economy in Göteborg, Sweden, to encouraging conversations around Prostate Cancer to aid earlier diagnosis, Nudgeathon can be applied to issues in any sector, organisation, or culture. So far the WBS team have run over 20 Nudgeathons across four continents.

Download a brochure to find out more about our partner organisations and some of the problems that have been addressed with a Nudgeathon. 

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