Strategy and Organisational Change

Strategy and Organisational Change

Strategy. It's a word used so often. From board games, to sports, to politics, 'strategies' are everywhere. But a sound business strategy isn't just a piece of paper containing some tactics, or ideas that we may or may not get round to fulfilling in the end. A true business strategy touches every part of the organisation, seeing it's value and encompassing it's potential.

Organisational buy-in goes hand-in-hand with a successful strategy, so knowing how to inspire your team is vital. Our courses will teach you not only how to formulate a winning strategy, but how to implement it in practice supported by your colleagues.


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Strategy Execution

Starting 23 April 2024

Explore the challenges of implementing a strategy in an organisation, learn how to map out strategy implementation across an organisation, and look at the bigger context for understanding the change process. 

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Creating Strategic Advantage

Starting 10th September 2024

Creating Strategic Advantage is a four-day, in-person course, which provides the core tools and frameworks needed for developing an effective strategy in your organisation.

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Platform Strategy

Starting 17th September 2024

There is a building interest in platforms and their strategic implications for organisations, and how they are shaping the world we live in. This module will provide you with a broad perspective on platform strategy and highlight its relevance for contemporary organisations

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Entrepreneurship and Innovation

Starting 12 November 2024

The survival and success of an organisation require an ability to reflect and adapt to a changing landscape. Explore how you can develop the ability of your organisation to generate and pursue entrepreneurial opportunities, to maintain relevance.

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Marketing Strategy and Planning

Starting 1 October 2024

How can you create a marketing strategy that gives your organisation a competitive edge? This module will provide a step-by-step process for creating a world-class marketing strategy.

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The Strategic Mindset of Leadership

Starting 10 December 2024

Strategic Leadership is future focused. It requires leaders to have an appetite for paradoxes and problems that cannot yet be solved, and the need for organisations to be adaptable and innovative is essential. Does this sound like something your organisation has mastered, or could you help implement some progressive change to give your organisation the strategic edge?

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Strategic Choices

Starting 28 January 2025

Strategic choices explore the executive-decision making within organisations to support their growth strategy. Many elements affect strategic decisions and the impact of those decisions. In this module, you will be able to understand what needs to be considered when making strategic decisions. 

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The Warwick Executive Diploma in Strategy & Innovation

Discover how to develop strategic approaches to company direction and harness entrepreneurial frameworks in practice with our Executive Diploma in Strategy & Innovation. Study all of our Strategy & Innovation modules to achieve your Executive Diploma. 

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The Warwick Executive Diploma in Strategic Leadership & Change

Do you want to develop your understanding of leadership and gain tools to become an effective leader? In an ever-changing world that presents new challenges, it is essential for leaders to be prepared and forward-thinking. Study all of the Strategic Leadership & Change modules to achieve your Executive Diploma. 

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If the Warwick Leadership Pathways route isn't for you, we also have a selection of alternative Open Programmes that could help you...

Leading Business Growth

Are you a leader who has the drive and ambition to take your business to the next level? Through this 7-month part-time executive development course at our Warwick University campus, we will focus on your personal impact as a leader, exploring how you can adapt and evolve your leadership to meet the challenges your business faces.

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Service Operations Management

Service Operations Management is a 6-month part-time, online course that will provides you with a suite of service management concepts, techniques and tools, to help you develop and improve your service processes.

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We have a depth of expertise and experience working with global organisations, to develop tailored executive learning solutions that deliver real business impact.

With our custom partnerships we can create bespoke support for your business using our existing programmes to configure specifically for your organisation, or co-design an entirely customised solution for your unique development objectives.

We will closely collaborate with you to co-create and deliver a programme that:

  • Supports your organisational objectives with lasting impact
  • Focuses on delivering identifiable value by taking your workforce to the next level
  • Embeds different thinking and new ways of working that aligns with your organisation’s culture, values and objectives.

Explore how our custom partnerships could benefit you and your business.

If there is a course or theme in our portfolio that you think could work for your team, and you'd like to discuss how to tailor it more to your company's needs, contact the team at and we will arrange a consultation call to discuss.

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