Vanessa Wai Lok

MSc Business (Consulting)

I have always tried to change things for the better, improve team performance and grow by solving problems and finding new and better ways of doing things. WBS combines excellent teaching whilst embracing creativity and innovation, which really attracted me to this course. 

In the short term, one of my goals is to continue developing my analytical skills. I want to help enterprises overcome difficulties and become world-class businesses. One of my future career goals is to lead a team in some capacity. I am excited by the influencing power of motivation and leadership in a trend of change. I really admire inspirational leaders and would love to manage my own team in a few years.


Emanuele Tedeschi

MSc Business (Consulting), 2015-16

I chose to study at Warwick Business School for its renowned reputation across the globe and its vast number of international students.

MSc Business (Consulting) is a unique programme, which isn’t taught in many universities. The course is tailored for ambitious and curious students with a passion to solve problems and overcome their limits.

The aspect of the course that fascinated me the most is the amount of subjects taught by real consultants, giving us a practical and insightful understanding of the industry. The group work and presentations enabled me to collaborate with peers from different countries, getting a multi-cultural feel of today’s society.

Sona Kwon

MSc Business (Consulting)

One of the best things about the course is ‘group-work’. You cannot imagine how many team projects go on throughout the academic year, which give you the chance to work with people who have different backgrounds, from ethnicity to work experience. While working with my teammates there were endless conflicts, but also endless accomplishments. I genuinely felt how this diversity made synergistic effects. Thankfully, I learned a lot from teammates and developed the knowledge by sharing amazing ideas interactively. 

Phillip Schikora

MSc Business (Consulting), 2015-16

I chose to study MSc Business (Consulting) after completing my undergraduate at Warwick. I knew that I wanted to stay at Warwick due to the excellent levels of teaching and range of opportunities to get involved in extracurricular activities. 

The fact that many of the lecturers are industry professionals, and that we worked on a variety of real-life projects, meant that we were able to gain skills that will be relevant throughout our careers, rather than just in the classroom. 

The new business school building provided modern facilities that allowed us to collaborate and study using the newest technology.

I greatly valued and enjoyed my time at WBS and even before graduating I managed to secure a job at a strategic brand consultancy. My employer highly valued the skills I gained as part of my course and this was one of their main reasons for hiring me. 

Chelsea Ziegler

MSc Business (Consulting), 2017-18

The MSc Business (Consulting) appealed to me because at the time I was exploring the IT sector of business consulting. Not only did the core modules of the course motivate me to apply, but also the additional modules offered would provide me with the opportunity to look further into how information technology and business management intersect. 

Now that I have been in the programme for 6 months, I find myself looking more at strategy and operations consulting, or potentially leveraging my previous experience to practice consulting for corporations and consumer products. I am so happy to have gotten the chance to explore my interests and creativity in solving problems while here at WBS. I am hoping to use what I learn here to find a job that fits me and that challenges me, and not to settle!

Oliver Flettner

MSc Business (Consulting), 2015-16

Consulting is very interesting, it’s not something that is taught in very many places, it’s very unique. It teaches you how to analyse properly, to understand human resource aspects and also how to manage and lead better.

The reason I wanted to do a masters is that business consulting offers you such a great broad spectrum and you get to be with like-minded people who are chasing the same goals. I know that these people will be there to support me and are friends who I will meet in the future.

Definitely live on campus if you can, I live at Lakeside which is very close to WBS. The campus is beautiful, there is no better place to be.

If you want to go into consulting this is the best course in the UK that you can take, hands down. 

Sharmistha Ghosh

MSc Business (Consulting), 2017-18

The MSc in Business (Consulting) at Warwick Business School was my natural calling when I decided to pursue a post-graduate course. As someone who has always aspired for a career in International Business Management, and at the same time intrigued by multi-cultural and global experiences, a course away from my home country and in a good institution like Warwick was key. The university location, facilities available, access to industry practitioners, diverse classrooms, faculty and the modules offered make this course extremely valuable. The toolset that the course is offering me is sure to help me achieve my career ambitions.

Wendy Fan

MSc Business (Consulting), 2015-16

The reason I chose to do MSc Business Consulting is because consulting is an area that I have always been interested in and I find it really exciting.

The lecturers at WBS are fantastic, they are not only academics but real life consultants and they provide you with the valuable insight into consulting that will help you in your future career. WBS spend a lot of time finding the right people for the right lectures and I think that really helps.

Throughout my time at WBS I have gained really good relationships with course mates all over the world. By building these relationships I have gained a wider network and I am definitely going to keep in touch with them after I graduate.     

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