The School supports interdisciplinarity through Research Centres and Networks. Aligned with our research strategy, the Research Centres generate large-scale research funding through interdisciplinary research that emphasises policy and practice impact. Research Networks are supported by internal funding on a rolling three-year basis, with an aim to develop them further. For example, the Artificial Intelligence and Innovation Network has represented the foundation for the larger-scale, externally funded Gillmore Centre for Financial Technology. The flexibility of our Research Networks enables our research infrastructure to respond interdisciplinarily to research opportunities.

Developing relationships with the broader University through the Global Research Priorities further facilitates the attainment of large-scale grants to engender economic and social impact. For example, the School-led ‘Productivity and the Futures of Work’ GRP provided the bedrock for our cross-University partnership in the ESRC £26 million-funded Productivity Institute, which works with eight Regional Productivity Forums that bring together businesses and policymakers to address the UK’s poor productivity. Led by Professor Nigel Driffield, the Warwick component involves collaboration with the Economics Department and WMG, in an interdisciplinary collaboration with NIESR, and the Universities of Glasgow, Sheffield, Manchester, KCL, Cardiff and Queen’s Belfast.

The School currently leads or co-leads the following University of Warwick GRPs:

Behaviour, Brain and Society - Professor Daniel Read
Productivity and the Futures of Work - Professor Giuliana Battisti
Energy - Professor Mike Bradshaw

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