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The Organisation & Human Resource Management group was established in 2013. Group members contribute to, and have substantially shaped, fields including Organisation Studies, Human Resource Management, Public Management, Industrial Relations and Organisational Behaviour.

Historically, WBS has been home to a formidable group of scholars in the aforementioned fields, including Hugh Clegg, Richard Hyman, Keith Sisson, Gibson Burrell, Karen Legge, Keith Hoskin, Glenn Morgan, Linda Dickens, Paul Edwards, Colin Crouch, Chris Grey, Martin Parker, Keith Grint and Hari Tsoukas.

The group is home to two research units. The Industrial Relations Research Unit (IRRU) is world renowned for its role in the analysis of industrial relations through theoretically informed, empirical enquiry. The Innovation, Knowledge and Networks unit (IKON) is an internationally leading research unit that applies social and organisational theory to the analysis of inter-organisational networks and the creation and management of knowledge and innovation.

We are a pluralistic group that draws upon diverse theories and methodologies from the social sciences. Group members engage with social and cultural theory and psychoanalytic writings. OB colleagues draw on a range of psychological theories. In our studies we actively engage with practitioners and policy bodies including businesses, charities, the National Health Service, the European Commission, large multi-national firms, religious organisations, UK Police Forces, employers organisations, Trade Unions, NGOs and social movements.

Our pedagogic practice is underpinned by a common commitment: for our students to play a full part in society upon leaving the business school, we need to equip them with the ability to analyse and critically reflect upon prevailing ideologies, institutions and working arrangements, and to appreciate and understand the alternatives to prevailing norms. We have a thriving community of over 30 Ph.D students. Our plan is to substantially increase this number over the next years. We will support potential candidates to find scholarship opportunities at WBS although such scholarships are highly competitive and usually awarded to exceptional candidates with a strong research proposal and distinction in a relevant Masters degree. Interested candidates should contact Gerardo Patriotta.

If you are interested in any aspect of our work, please contact Gerry McGivern (Head of Group) or Racheal Monnington (Group administrator).

Head of Group Professor Gerry McGivern

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